The installation of marine cages on the coast of Lanzarote is suspended

The installation of marine cages on the coast of Lanzarote is suspended
By: Local News Posted On: April 25, 2024 View: 256

The City Council of San Bartolomé has announced the suspension of the project to install marine cages on the coast of Playa Honda, taking into account the technical and legal allegations presented to the Autonomous Environmental Assessment Commission with the aim of preventing the Yaizatún company from install a farm on the coast of Playa Honda, Tías and Arrecife.
The mayor of San Bartolomé, Isidro Pérez, has indicated that “thanks to these allegations, the company, instead of carrying out a simplified environmental evaluation, must carry out an ordinary evaluation due, mainly, to the fact that the area over which the concession is intended The vast majority is included within the 'Sebadales de Guasimeta' Special Conservation Zone, integrated into the Natura 2,000 network, a much more complex evaluation with requirements that make it practically incompatible."
Furthermore, he has stated that the installation of marine cages in the middle of the sebadales area is "totally incompatible and does not comply with the activities permitted in the ZEC zone", since it would mean the "total destruction of the flora and fauna of the entire affected coast." Another important problem, he stressed, “are the problems that it would generate in airport activities, since marine cages are a source of attraction for birds,” among other damages.
Isidro Pérez thanked the city council's legal and technical team for its work "which has once again demonstrated its solvency, achieving the acceptance of the allegations presented and the dismissal of the company's initial proposal", and has also highlighted that the The reports presented by San Bartolomé have been "in line with the allegations presented by other municipalities, public administrations, and various organizations that considered the installation of the cages unfavorable."
In this regard, he has pointed out that the work of the municipal government team "will always be to defend the interests of the residents of the municipality and the citizens of Lanzarote, understanding that it is a true aberration that such a project is carried out." features on the first line of the Playa Honda coast.”
Finally, he has sent a message of tranquility to the citizens "since this new situation prevents the installation of those 56 floating cages for the intense cultivation of sea bream, sea bass and tuna in the municipality."

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