The new brand 'Lanzarote, the different island'

The new brand 'Lanzarote, the different island'
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This Friday, the Jameos del Agua cave hosted the presentation of the new tourist brand: 'Lanzarote, the different island'. The Lanzarote model Helen Lindes acted as master of ceremonies, starting with her interpretation of a reflection by the artist César Manrique while she went down the stairs of the auditorium and began the event. It was attended by  300 guests from the tourism business sector and public representatives of the island institutions and autonomous .
“We are very lucky, to be honest,” confessed an emotional Helen Lindes after the contemporary dance piece by a group of dancers to the tune of Vivaldi's Summer, a performance that preceded the screening of a video that captures the essence of the new brand, which has been commented by Héctor Fernández, as CEO of SPEL-Turismo Lanzarote, and Enrique Ruiz de Lera, deputy assistant director of Foreign Marketing of Turespaña. 
A dialogue was then started about the value of the brand and the projection of the island , highlighting its uniqueness and tourist potential and describing the new image as “modern, minimalist, rabidly current and very versatile.”
The president of the Lanzarote Cabildo, Oswaldo Betancort, has led the presentation of the island's new tourist identity, underlining the "importance of this moment for Lanzarote." "Today, before you, we are defining a new course for our island ," stated the president of the Cabildo, emphasizing the relevance of the new destination image of Lanzarote in a context of change and reflection.
“The new brand represents a bold step towards the future of Lanzarote, in line with the destination's requalification project and focused on values ​​such as sustainability and respect for the environment,” Betancort remarked, highlighting the importance of knowing how to convey the uniqueness and fragility of Lanzarote to those who visit us, and announcing the upcoming launch of an unprecedented awareness-raising advertising campaign .
"We are facing a crucial moment in the definition of our identity as a tourist island," highlighted the president of the Cabildo, highlighting "the collaboration between different actors" to carry out this process of change.
With future challenges in mind, including the regulation of accommodation and the protection of natural spaces, Betancort has reaffirmed its commitment and that of its Government team, with a balanced and sustainable tourism model .
In an emotional closing, President Betancort thanked everyone involved in this process for their participation and expressed his hope that the new Lanzarote brand continues to be "a benchmark of authenticity in the world of tourism."

New brand of 'Lanzarote, the different island'

According to the press release issued by the Cabildo, "within the Spanish tourism model, based on developmentalism and the exploitation of the sun and the beach, Lanzarote has always maintained its uniqueness . To a certain extent, Lanzarote has developed its own tourism model, integration of tourist activity into nature, which has been able to value and respect the essence of the island."
Inspired by the figure of César Manrique since the late 1960s, the island has been an innovative destination and precursor of sustainability trends, characterized by the combination of art, culture and nature.
The Cabildo has pointed out that the tourist recovery after the pandemic generated by COVID-19, together with the "return of tourist massification associated with the new normal , puts Lanzarote, positioned in the field of sustainability, facing challenges of competitiveness and growth. ".
The press release stated that: "Although Lanzarote is an international reference in sustainable tourism, it faces the challenge of integrating tourism activity and its stakeholders into the island's socioeconomic model . The life cycle of the brand is at a critical moment maturity key for its future and needs a process of rejuvenation of its brand image to once again drive a new cycle of growth.
The future of the brand involves finding a way to reconcile the growth of tourism activity with the criteria of sustainability and responsibility that travelers and citizens of the future will demand. Lanzarote is a different island because it has managed to integrate tourist activity into nature and the island's landscape through artistic creativity.
Under the umbrella offered by the Canary Islands brand The best climate in the world , Lanzarote has sought differentiation from the rest of the island brands. A differentiation with respect to 'pure' sun and beach, which allows a segmentation of the offer closer to nature, sustainability and quality. These three values ​​are what define the uniqueness of Lanzarote.
"Also highlight the emotional connection with the population. The pride of Lanzaroteans in their land is part of the island's culture. The population loves their island and for them there is no other like it," highlighted Betancort.
The three pillars of the brand: sustainability, nature and quality , are the backbone of the brand and reinforce the positioning of the island expressed in the brand claim “The different Island”. That sustainable, landscape and service “difference” makes it unique and singular.
The positioning and its transversal pillars make Lanzarote an aspirational destination aligned with future tourism trends such as the positive impact on the environment, the increase in collective consciousness, the search for transcendence, the value of the individual, ethics, differential values, inclusion and sustainability. 

Lanzarote. The Different Island

According to the Cabildo's explanation, "the logo symbol is a semi-figurative interpretation of the island's unique landscape (the angular, conical shapes of its unrepeatable volcanic landscape) reinvented in a modern key."
Furthermore, "the logo is illuminated by a palette of magnetic and luminous tones, directly inspired by the natural and artistic wealth of the island, referring us to the cultural legacy of César Manrique, fusing the concept of nature and art."
To conclude, he stated that "the personality of the fractal symbol and the exclusive color palette of the destination, enhance the concept of Lanzarote as the “Different Island”. A radiant, magnetic color palette, directly inspired by the landscape and cultural uniqueness of the island. ". 

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