What's the story behind Madrid's San Isidro fiesta?

For people from the Spanish capital, May 15th is one of the biggest and most important  ...View More

Ukraine's Zelensky to meet Spain's king and PM on Friday

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is expected in Madrid on Friday for an official  ...View More

Border centres and 'safe' states: EU gives go-ahead to major asylum changes

The EU on Tuesday gave the final green light to a landmark overhaul of its migration an ...View More

Cycling in Spain: 12 fines you need to watch out for

Riding a bicycle in Spain isn't exempt from the country's traffic rules, as these fines ...View More

Do people in Spain actually use the formal 'usted' form anymore?

It was once common in Spain, but nowadays the formal 'usted' (you) form is rarely used  ...View More

Irish pensions in Spain: What you need to know

If you're an Irish pensioner who's thinking of moving to Spain, here is what you should ...View More

The tax return scams you need to avoid in Spain

If you haven't already, it's time to complete your Spanish tax return, but be aware, th ...View More

Pensioner letter bomb suspect goes on trial in Spain

A pensioner who allegedly sent letter bombs to Spain's prime minister and the US and Uk ...View More

Too hot or too cold: Spain's homes struggle to keep comfortable temperatures

Amid rising temperatures and more extreme weather, new data reveals that a significant  ...View More

5.5 million: Record numbers of Spaniards living alone

Over five million households are now occupied by people living alone in Spain, a record ...View More

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