China's 'genuine' cyber threat 'weakens security of internet for all' - GCHQ

GCHQ now "devotes more resource to China than any other single mission," according to the intelligen ...View More

'Ghostbusters-style' devices could be given to police

Police officers could be equipped with devices likened to the proton packs used in Ghostbusters to s ...View More

Doctor diagnosed with incurable cancer free of disease after using own breakthrough treatment

An Australian doctor who applied his own pioneering research on melanoma to the incurable brain canc ...View More

Deepfakes and influencers: The digital election in India

Divyendra Jadoun is proud of his professional alias: the Indian Deepfaker. "I know we do deepfa ...View More

Obesity drug 'cuts risk of heart attack or stroke regardless of weight lost'

Anti-obesity jabs could reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes or heart failure in obese people r ...View More

OpenAI to begin rollout of most advanced ever ChatGPT

The new version of the ChatGPT AI chatbot has been unveiled and offers near-instant results across t ...View More

High in protein, low fat, cheap and environmentally friendly - but would you try this 'wonder' food?

The "disgust factor" must be overcome if insect-based foods are to become mainstream, according to a ...View More

Wales becomes first UK nation to join metaverse

Wales has become the first UK nation to join the metaverse.The launch of Wales in the metaverse hope ...View More

Northern Lights returning to parts of UK after strongest solar storm in decades

The first extreme geomagnetic storm in two decades created a spectacular light show in UK skies on F ...View More

Northern Lights glow up skies across UK - see best pictures here

Skies over the UK were turned shades of pink and green as the Northern Lights produced incredible di ...View More

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