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Famous Del Boy insult 'at risk of dying out'

Prat, plonker and pillock are among British insults in danger of dying out within a generation, acco ...View More

RFK Jr says a worm ate part of his brain

Independent US presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr has revealed that a worm ate part of his b ...View More

Police called to reports of 'crocodile' in flood water

Police called to reports of a crocodile seen in flood water near an English village have escaped unh ...View More

Calls for kebabs to be subsidised in Germany

Should the government subsidise kebabs?That's the question in Germany at the moment amid fears the p ...View More

Bird flu outbreak could threaten cow-cuddling craze

A cow-cuddling craze in the US could be under threat due to a bird flu outbreak.The social media tre ...View More

'I killed a man - the emu man': Gyles Brandreth blames himself for Rod Hull's death

Gyles Brandreth says he blames himself for the death of Rod Hull, who died in 1999 when he fell from ...View More

Woman wins $1m lottery jackpot twice in 10 weeks

A woman has won a $1m prize on the lottery for the second time in 10 weeks.Massachusetts State Lotte ...View More

Owner distraught after 'emotional support' alligator goes missing

A famed "emotional support" alligator has gone missing while on a trip with its owner after being ta ...View More

Wife 'speechless' as engagement ring found 54 years after it vanished

A woman has been reunited with her engagement ring 54 years after it went missing.Marilyn Birch, fro ...View More

Google appears to add 'audio emoji' feature - including a fart button

Google appears to be rolling out "audio emojis" to its phone users.Some Google Pixel phone owners ar ...View More

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