Did we really expect Tory MPs who fought for voter ID rules to follow them? Don’t be ridiculous | Marina Hyde

We seem to have reached the stage where Sunak’s MPs seek empathy for their inability to comply with  ...View More

It seems certain Sunak will lead the Tories into the local elections. After that, regicide as usual | Marina Hyde

He will get zero credit for good results and blame for all the bad. And hovering overhead is Penny M ...View More

Weekend podcast: what’s it like to be a sociopath?; Gen Z’s lust for Sex and the City; and Marina Hyde on President The Rock

Marina Hyde with her take on Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s surreal US presidential bid (1m23s); Emine  ...View More

An MP who gives colleagues’ numbers to blackmailers. Isn’t William Wragg just right for this Westminster? | Marina Hyde

The ‘senior Tory’ has issued a self-flagellating apology, but we should see him as a child of this p ...View More

California, here he comes! Think of Sunak's honours list as an open job application | Marina Hyde

Meanwhile spring has sprung, and in keeping with their traditions, Tory MPs are plotting regicide ye ...View More

If Tories who want to run the capital think London is in New York, shouldn’t we be worried? | Marina Hyde

It was crazy to flag up UK crime using footage of the NY subway. But then, Susan Hall is the candida ...View More

Look at the political hellscape of Sunak, Anderson, even Starmer and ask: are they making my life any better? | Marina Hyde

When politicians compete in a race to the bottom, is it any wonder that the public are not far behin ...View More

Tears, shouting, procedural tantrums: just your standard day in the Commons, until democracy took a sinister turn | Marina Hyde

When MPs are intimidated and precedent binned, let’s not pretend there’s any justification – whichev ...View More

Two Labour wins, a Reform party surge and a helping of Rishession: never doubt Sunak’s strategy is going to plan | Marina Hyde

Of course the PM will make light of Labour’s byelection victories. And of course those who want him  ...View More

Conspiracists, chancers and a sexter – Rochdale deserves better, and frankly we all do | Marina Hyde

You’ve got to feel for a constituency where Azhar Ali, George Galloway and Simon Danczuk are vying t ...View More

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