Inter-Island Federation Demand Urgent Action for Companies and the Self Employed


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Felapyme demands urgent aid from the Cabildo: "Many companies on the island are being forced to close"

"In other islands similar measures are already being managed for small to medium sized companies (SME's) and the self-employed, while in Lanzarote, despite having fully approved its creation, it seems that there has still been no progress," he laments

The Inter- island Federation of SMEs of Lanzarote (Felapyme) has asked the Cabildo to expedite the creation of direct aid to SMEs and self-employed on the island "given the seriousness of the situation in the business sector."

Felapyme asks that the creation of these extraordinary aids be given "haste" due to the importance they have for the self-employed and micro-SMEs on the island, whose situation is getting worse and worse due to the paralysis of the economic recovery due to to the new outbreaks and the restrictions that are being imposed, both from the Government of the Canary Islands, and from the main tourist-emitting countries ".

This measure, which Felapyme affirms that it already requested by the Cabildo on July 28th, is "of vital importance for many micro-SMEs and freelancers who are doomed to imminent closure if urgent measures are not taken to alleviate the major problems that this pandemic is causing. in our small entrepreneurs, "he adds.

"At Felapyme we are aware that it will not be the solution to all the economic problems faced by small companies on the island, but it does represent a very important oxygen balloon to promote the continuity of their business and meet certain expenses, alleviating the pressure and uncertainty to which they are subjected, "says the federation.