Resumes its Flights with Lanzarote


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This Thursday the first flight has arrived and starting next week, EasyJet will also restart operations from the United Kingdom., the main British tourism operator for Lanzarote, has resumed its air operations with the island on Thursday with six flights from London Stansted, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, East Middlands (Nottingham) and Newcastle airports. "The arrival of British tourism in Lanzarote will therefore be significantly increased as the aforementioned airline has scheduled a total of 29 weekly flights from the United Kingdom during the summer season," they said from the Cabildo.

The Minister of Tourism Promotion, Ángel Vázquez, who travelled to the Lanzarote-César Manrique airport to receive the first of the flights of this British airline from London, points out that "Jet2 is a key operator for Lanzarote and the restart of its operation marks a turning point in the sense that the volume of British tourists on the island is going to start to grow, with which we are confident that as the number of reservations of this operator accumulates, more accommodation establishments, as well as shops, will reopen , etc".

The return to operations of joins that of TUI Fly, which since Monday has returned to charter flights from the United Kingdom, as well as EasyJet that will do the same from next Tuesday, with a forecast of fourteen weekly connections, one more than it had in summer 2019. To this we must add, as far as the British market is concerned, which is the most important for Lanzarote, the 20 weekly frequencies that the airline Ryanair maintains with the United Kingdom, that since last June 23rd has returned to operate with the island.

Angel Vázquez points out, however, that "despite the fact that we must be very cautious, given the situation of uncertainty, taking into account that a month ago we were experiencing a situation of zero tourism, the truth is that although very gradually we are already immersed in the process of reopening the destination, and that is good news not only for the tourism sector but for the entire island economy. ”

The counselor highlights the work carried out by the team of the Sociedad de Promoción Exterior de Lanzarote (SPEL-Turismo Lanzarote), during the weeks in which the island has been closed for tourism, “because thanks to the close and permanent contact we have maintained with our tourist partners, today we have a forecast of international and Peninsula flights for the summer season that reaches almost 65% compared to last year , which is a quite encouraging figure considering the situation caused by Covid-19.

During his stay at the Lanzarote-César Manrique Airport, Ángel Vázquez had the opportunity to greet the AENA chief of operations on the island and the Incoming team at