Judge Forces Ryanair to Pay the Passengers Affected by the Strike

Gran Canaria

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The Commercial Court No. 1 of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria determined that a group of four passengers from the islands had to be compensated by Ryanair after requesting compensation for the cancellation of the flight they could not take in Madrid on September 28th of 2018 due to a strike by the cabin crew of the airline.

The Grancanarian family claimed the corresponding compensation by law to travel of more than 1,500 kilometers that was 400 euros per ticket, in addition to the expenses of maintenance and hotel caused by the loss of the air connection since they had to stay the night, according to the evidence given by their lawyer Tinguaro González. Ryanair did accept these last two claims but not the payment of compensation of 400 euros per passenger claiming that it was an exceptional cause because there was a strike and they could not offer an ideal service because they did not have enough staff. But Judge Alberto López Villarrubia did not agree with the company's claim , who have had to compensate with a total of 2,680 euros, plus interest accrued since the date of filing the lawsuit.

Remember that Ryanair cabin crew (TCP) were called to strike on September 28th, 2018 in Spain, Portugal , Holland , Belgium , Italy and Germany that forced the airline to cancel 158 flights. The head of the company Michael O'Leary said 30,000 were affected by the strike, on this ruling it would mean they owe 12 million euros in compensation.