La Gomera Confirms There are No People Trapped

Canary Islands

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The town councils of Vallehermoso and Valle Gran Rey have agreed, jointly and by consensus with the rest of the institutions involved, to lift the security device that had to be installed yesterday in the port of Vueltas due to the precipitous collapse of a slope on the road that joins Vueltas with Argaga, in La Gomera.

The lifting of the device occured 24 hours after the collapse and in view of the fact that sniffer dogs have not detected people trapped in the detachment. However, work will continue in the area to carry out the complete reconnaissance tasks in case someone is trapped in the area, during recent hours, air and land means have worked in the area.

Caution and next steps

In view of the extreme risk of the collapse and according to the criteria set out by the Canary Islands Volcanological Institute (Involcan) on the assessment and prognosis of the landslide, the municipalities of Valle Gran Rey and Vallehermoso also agree to close the road that connects to the traffic of people and vehicles Laps with Argaga. Likewise, Valle Gran Rey will close the bathroom, temporarily and until a more conclusive technical assessment, the Vueltas beach..