Lanzarote Has Exceeded The Average and Arrecife Has the Worst Average Figures in Spain


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Lanzarote exceeds the average of Spain in cases per inhabitant and Arrecife has one of the worst figures in the country

August has transformed the island's situation in the face of the pandemic, going from 102 accumulated cases in five months to 551 in just a few weeks. However, the number of hospitalised does not reach half

From "Covid-free" to "Hot Zone"

The island was technically "Covid-free" on June 23rd, when the last patient was discharged. In addition, at that time it had been eleven days without detecting new positives and in the previous two months (April and May, in full confinement) only eight in total had been confirmed.

Most of the cases had been diagnosed at the end of March, with a maximum of 13 positives in one day . However, in recent weeks that figure is far exceeded every day, reaching a maximum peak of 69 new cases in just 24 hours last Thursday, according to data released by the Cabildo, and placing the island as a "zone hot".

However, the other big difference with respect to the first wave is that this time the vast majority of detected cases do not present symptoms or only have mild symptoms. Among other things, this is due to the current tracking system and the change in protocols, which now require testing the close contacts of anyone who tests positive, whether they have symptoms or not.

At the end of March, with only 55 active cases diagnosed on the island, there were 22 people hospitalized , nine of them in the Intensive Care Unit. However, this Monday there were 429 active cases and only ten hospitalized , nine of them on the ward and one in the ICU. That is, with eight times more cases diagnosed than then, there are less than half the number of admissions. Thus, what has changed is the severity of the cases that are detected, since now many asymptomatic patients who previously had not been tested are emerging.

Regarding deaths, in the first months of the pandemic there were also six deaths on the island, while since May 7th and until last Thursday there had been no new deaths related to Covid in Lanzarote. However, the first arrived on Friday, from a 79-year-old woman who had previous pathologies. Now, that is precisely the main fear in the face of the increase in contagiousness and the new wave is affecting especially young people, but the average age is increasing and the risk is that it will reach the most vulnerable people again.