Lanzarote Joins The Demonstration Against Tourist Overcrowding


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Lanzarote will participate in the demonstration against tourist overcrowding scheduled for next April 20. The island of volcanoes is one of the five Canary islands that join this initiative. Among them, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and La Palma.

The overcrowding of Lanzarote's natural spaces, the difficulty in finding housing, the lack of water or the worsening quality of life are some of the reasons why a group of anonymous citizens of the island have joined the protest. which will take place on Saturday, April 20th at 12:00 p.m. from the Music Kiosk in the José Ramírez Cerdá Park, in Arrecife

In the case of the island of volcanoes, the organizers hope that it will be the " largest demonstration in the history of Lanzarote ." In order to "unite all citizens" who are concerned about tourist overcrowding and its effects on the territory, public services, landscape, biodiversity and people's quality of life.

"Waitress, cleaning worker, doctor, farmer, teacher, merchant, businesswoman, rancher, scientist, whoever you are, will participate in this massive protest," they highlighted in a statement published on social networks. The organizers have highlighted that they are not "against the arrival of tourists in a controlled and sustainable manner" , but that, as is happening on other islands, "Lanzarote is no longer sustainable and cannot support the more than three million tourists annually." ".

Thus, they have highlighted the points by which the island is "collapsing socially and environmentally": the impossibility of accessing housing, the collapse of the waste management system, the lack of water for consumption and the agricultural sector, health services collapsed, the loss of quality of life, overcrowded protected spaces affected by crimes and environmental infractions or the loss of biodiversity.

To conclude, the organizers have insisted that the "current model has completely destroyed the quality of life of the Canary Islands and those reasons that made the islands unique: their biodiversity, our landscapes, their people and the identity of what we were. Let's get out.
" to fight for what is ours."