Lanzarote Native Kevin Umpierrez, Candidate for 'Mister Spain 2023'


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Kevin Umpiérrez, Lanzarote's candidate for 'Mister Spain 2023' , will travel to Alicante on November 18th to participate in the contest. The 26-year-old will share a few days of preparation with the various provincial candidates from all over Spain in Elche. Of all the young people who appear, one of them will manage to win the place to head to the 'Mister Global' contest in Peru next 2024.

This is not the first time he has participated in beauty pageants; he has done so before in the Canary Islands. He already entered 'Míster Las Palmas' in March 2023 , a contest in which he was the first finalist. Furthermore, after that selection, he was called for her next competition, the 'Mister Global Mediterranean', held in the Archipelago. Winning that contest was what prompted him to prepare to compete to be the next 'Mister Spain 2023'.

"I see myself physically and mentally very well prepared ," he noted. I am so committed to the contest that "I would like to be the first from Lanzarote to win the prize" , he added with enthusiasm.

In addition to dedicating himself to modelling, Kevin Umpiérrez is also dedicated to managing a small business that he has had for five months.


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