Lanzarote on the Cover of Vogue

Canary Islands

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Lanzarote has become the cover landscape of the February special issue of the magazine 'Vogue' which has brought together the models Marina Pérez, Inés Sastre, Africa Peñalver and Miriam Sánchez.

Vogue, opened the year 2020 by announcing the manifesto of the Vogue values signed by all the directors of the different editions around the world, presents in its February issue a special number that interprets and transfers some of those values to the Spanish idiosyncrasy, combining a vision of international fashion with Spanish landscapes and artisan products that connect with the keys to the new luxury: sustainability and exclusive status.

Flanked by the "wild" landscapes of Lanzarote and photographed by Txema Yeste, Vogue has brought together three generations of Spanish models. An aesthetic sobriety, from the predominant black, in the court of Felipe II, to the most stimulating designs of Cristóbal Balenciaga, which this season becomes the main influence of national and international creators,