Lanzarote to Tackle Island’s Chronic Mobility Problems


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The Canary Islands Government and the Cabildo will create a joint commission to solve the mobility and road problems of Lanzarote.

The Minister of Public Works, Transportation and Housing of the Canary Islands Government, Sebastián Franquis, was received by the president of the Cabildo de Lanzarote, María Dolores Corujo and the Vice President of the Insular Institution, Jacobo Medina. During the meeting the chronic mobility problems suffered by the island and all the possibilities to address them were address-ed, giving special importance to the access to Playa Honda and the access to the Insular Hospital of Lanzarote.
María Dolores Corujo showed her satisfaction regarding a meeting she hopes will be the first of many. She said the recognition of the low level of investment in Lanzarote and the commitment of the Government to solve it is a “big step” in solving mobility and connectivity problems on the island.
“There is a budget, there is legal coverage and political sensitivity towards Lanzarote,” she said.
Sebastián Fra-nquis thanked the Cabildo for “sharing its vision regarding the future” to coordinate, plan and agree on everything related to the Road Agreement signed with the Government of Spain.
In addition, a commission will be created to monitor these projects between the Cabildo and the Canary Islands Government.
Jacobo Medina thanked the councillor’s commitment, “a commitment that was acquired at the time and that remained to be done.” The vice president thanked the current Canary-State highway agreement provides for an investment of 41,975,000 for Lanzarote, which includes, among others, the following projects:
Performances on the LZ-1 Arrecife-Órzola road.
Improvement of access to Playa Honda.
Construction of walls on the LZ-3.
Duplication of the roadway of the LZ-40 road.
Improvement of the LZ-2 and LZ-3 link at the airport.
Execution of the “Los Olivos” roundabout at kilometer 14, of the LZ-2.
New access to the Insular Hospital of Lanzarote.