Molina Orosa Hospital Prepares for the Worst


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The manager of the Molina Orosa Hospital in Lanzarote confirmed that with the tsunami of Covid 19 infections that the island suffers, the hospital pressure has begun to strain. José Luis Aparicio pointed out this Wednesday in Café de Periodistas that not only are the beds filled with Covid patients but also with other pathologies. "In the non-covid plant there are three free beds and in the covid plant, seven, the situation is beginning to be worrying."

At the moment, and despite the fact that there are daily infections over 500 cases, there are 16 people on the Hospital floor and 3 in the ICU. “It is still manageable, but every day there are six or seven more admissions, so you have to prepare. In fact, we have already activated the next step of the contingency plan. We have prepared the CMA, major outpatient surgery, such as ICU, in case it is necessary to use them ”.

50% of those admitted are vaccinated and the other 50% are not, but that means that there is almost a 70% more chance of ending up being admitted among those who have not received the vaccination. "In Lanzarote, 80% of the population is vaccinated and there is a small proportion, which is not, and half of the patients admitted come from that minimum group of people and the other half, from a much larger group."

Now the Canarian Health Service is adopting measures to avoid the traffic jam due to medical discharges and discharges due to Covid 19. Most of them are given automatically and that has released a bit of pressure on the Primary Care of Lanzarote.