Molina Orosa to be Reorganized for Covid Surge


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Although Health no longer performs Covid tests on the general population, the data confirms the significant rise in cases that is being experienced on the island. On the one hand, the incidence in people over 60 years of age has skyrocketed, the only age group that is now being monitored and it is the second worst figure since the start of the pandemic . On the other, hospital pressure is increasing, forcing services to be reorganized.

"Recently we had five patients admitted and now we have 16. We are not overrun, but we are controlling the situation, in case it is necessary to take measures," explains the manager of the Health Services, José Luis Aparicio.

For now, they have already had to enable a second area of the Covid plant, which had ceased to be used in recent months. And it is that each one has capacity for 15 people, and that figure has already been exceeded.

This has directly affected the programming of operations, because that second area was intended for surgery patients, and now it has had to be emptied to transfer Covid patients there. “If you have the surgery floor busy, obviously you cannot operate on those patients who require days or weeks of hospitalisation ,” explains Aparicio. For this reason, they are currently "prioritising" interventions that do not require hospital admission.

In any case, the manager of Health Services stresses that hospital pressure continues to be "reasonable" on the island, and also that there are currently no patients in the ICU. "With this trend, a year ago in the hospital we would be much worse off ," says José Luis Aparicio, underlining the change that vaccines have brought about.

The worst period of admissions and deaths on the island was recorded after Christmas 2020, when the incidence was not even a tenth of what the island has had this year, already after vaccination.

“People are catching Covid, more and more, but most spend it at home without requiring hospitalisation,” Aparicio insists.