Nearly 2,300 Patients Waiting For Treatment in Lanzarote


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A total of 2,297 people were waiting to be treated by some medical specialty at the José Molina Orota Hospital in Lanzarote as of December 2022. The most recent data published by the Canary Islands Health Service reveal considerable differences, depending on the specialty.

This number is the second highest number in the data collected. Only behind the 2019 waiting list, where 2,950 users were waiting to be served.

The specialty for which there are more patients waiting is Dermatology , with 500 people on the list, followed by Traumatology (334), Neurology (188), Ophthalmology (161), Rehabilitation (138), General and Digestive Surgery (123), Ear Nose and Throat ( 115).

Below a hundred patients on waiting lists, we find Pediatrics (97), Rheumatology (92) , Allergology (82), Endocrinology (69), Digestive (62), Obstetrics (60), Urology (59), Nephrology ( 50), Internal Medicine (42), Hematology (35), Psychiatry (32), Pneumology (27), Cardiology (24), Angiology Vascular Surgery (7).

Surgical waiting lists

Regarding the patients on the surgical waiting list at the José Molina Orosa Hospital in Lanzarote in 2022, 1,431 people waited to be operated on in some of the specialties.

The most requested are Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery (691 people), General Surgery (254), Ophthalmology (175) and Urology (148). Below a hundred we find Gynecology (74), Angiology and Vascular Surgery (45) and Otorhinolaryngology (44).