New Black Day in The Cases of Covid


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Lanzarote has registered another 61 Covid-19 positives in the last day, in addition to the 60 diagnosed the day before . Thus, the island has chained two black days that mark a worrying upward trend.

As for active cases, they have already shot up to 317, despite the fact that 36 discharges have also been reported .

The cumulative incidence at 7 days has risen 16 points (almost 40 in two days) and stands on Wednesday at 161.1 cases per 100,000 inhabitants . At 14 days it is at 268.9, up 22 points in one day and almost 42 points since Tuesday.

The day before, 731 tests were carried out on the island, with a similar figure to the previous day.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 7983 cases of coronavirus have been diagnosed in Lanzarote, of which 7613 have already overcome the disease and 54 have died.