Night Eviction of Motorhomes from Papagayo


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The Burgao Verde motorhome association denounces having been evicted from Papagayo where they were spending the night.

As they explain, "they expel a hundred people with small children, many of them sleeping after 10pm at night", "Really? What is the reason? And why at that time making them breach the curfew, when previously they had already passed several times and did not say anything?,.

In addition, they state "that the Yaiza City Council had agreed that it was possible to spend the night at the campsite." "This is already a persecution and what happened makes no sense,"

Finally, they said that "we understand that if the sanitary restrictions were not complied with, they would take measures, fines, etc. but to throw them out like cattle at those hours and we repeat making them breach the curfew without any notice"

"What is clear to us is that motorhomes, as always, will have to spend our money outside the island, since here we are not welcome and on the other hand they open the door and promote Lanzarote to us, It's a sad situation, but true".