Night of Fires in Puerto del Carmen


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Puerto del Carmen has suffered a night of fires, which could have been caused by the same person. In total, 18 containers have ended up burned in different streets of the town, and three palm trees have also been affected by the flames.

The Security and Emergencies Consortium has been alerted at dawn of a first fire on Pedro Barba street, for which it sent a fire crew. However, when they were on the way they received new alerts of other fires. Ancla, Frankfurt, Yugoslavia and Sweden streets have been some of those affected.

This has forced to activate other troops, and also to work almost in parallel in the different sources that burned at the same time. Thus, after a first control of the flames on Pedro Barba street, the firefighters have gone to another point, returning later to completely extinguish the first fire.

Agents of the Local Police and the Civil Guard and Civil Protection personnel have also gone to the affected areas and have collaborated with the device.


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