Now This in the Midst of a Water Crisis!


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Several citizens have denounced La Voz that "a new failure of Canal Gestión has been dumping tons of water for more than 24 hours " in the area of access to the Sara animal protector, in the town of Tahíche. This is happening in the middle of the water crisis in Lanzarote, where water supply cuts have been the protagonists throughout the summer.

In a joint complaint to which La Voz has had access, several people report that this loss of water is happening "without them doing anything" to solve it. According to this same source, this pipe has been losing water "uninterruptedly" since at least this Thursday afternoon. This noon, as this newsroom has been able to confirm, the fault was still unresolved.

“We do not know how many tons of water are being lost every hour, since the loss is buried, and the water comes to the surface, we cannot imagine how much water is being lost underground,”

And the tons of water that are falling have formed a small reservoir on a landing in the area, while the neighbors do not know who to contact . “They never answer the phone and of course it is impossible to even warn them,” added a resident, who also remembers that this is not the first time this has happened.

“We don't understand how tons of water is wasted while the fields cannot be irrigated, and supplies are cut off to the towns . Let's hope that by reporting these constant disasters they take their work seriously,” another resident added. In this sense, he added that he does not understand how it is possible that the Lanzarote Council allows the company that has "the monopoly on water on the island " to do “whatever they want. ”