On Monday The Canary Islands Enters Phase 3

Canary Islands

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What can be done in phase 3?

  • Time slots are eliminated and groups of up to 20 people are allowed .
  • The wake may be held with a maximum limit of 50 people in open spaces or 25 people in closed spaces.
  • Weddings and attendance at places of worship are allowed as long as they do not exceed 75% of the capacity up to a maximum of 150 people in outdoor spaces or 75 people in closed spaces.
  • Shops can open with 50% of the capacity.
  • The hotel and restaurant establishments may be reopened for consumption on the premises, except for nightclubs and nightlife bars, provided that they do not exceed 50% of their capacity and consumption is allowed in the bar provided that a minimum separation of two guaranteed metres.
  • On outdoor terraces, seating will be limited to 75% of the tables, with a maximum occupancy of 20 people.
  • In hotels, common areas can be reopened as long as they do not exceed 50% of the capacity and the entertainment activities or classes must be designed with a maximum capacity of 20 people and preferably outdoors.
  • Cultural and study activities may be carried out in the libraries, provided that they do not exceed 50% of the capacity.
  • In museums and exhibition halls the capacity will be 50% and visits may be by groups of up to 20 people.
  • Cinemas, theaters, auditoriums, tent circuses and similar show spaces may carry out their activity, provided they have pre-assigned seats and do not exceed half the authorized capacity.
  • In outdoor activities, the public must remain seated, keeping the necessary distance and may not exceed 50% of the capacity, nor exceed 80 people.
  • Athletes from federated non-professional leagues may train in groups of up to 20 people.
  • Active and nature tourism activities may be carried out for groups of up to a maximum of 30 people and the activity of a tourist guide is allowed, by appointment and with groups of no more than 20 people.
  • Tourist recreation centers, zoos and aquariums open with a capacity of 50% and a third in the attractions and closed places.
  • Congresses, meetings, business meetings, conferences and events may not exceed 80 attendees.
  • Gambling and betting establishments and establishments may not exceed 50% of the capacity nor exceed 50 people in total.

All these measures can be modified at any time in each of the de-escalation phases and it will be published in a more extensive and detailed way in a new Official State Gazette as in previous weeks.

Total Cases on The Canary Islands: 20:00 05/06/20

Confirmed: 2,370

Deaths: 161

Recoveries: 2,077