Party and Dance Tourists in a Puerto del Carmen Bar as Cases Rise to 212


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Music at full volume and dozens of tourists singing and dancing without masks or safety distances in a bar in Puerto del Carmen . That is what is seen in a video released by the councilor of the Canary Coalition in Tías, Amado Vizcaíno, who questions whether "this was not seen by anyone."

The images are those of a real party explosion, with customers even on the chairs, and other passersby watching the show from outside or joining the dance from the street.

"I am one of those who defend the hospitality sector against the unjust measures against Covid decreed by the Government of the Canary Islands, limiting capacity and hours," begins Vizcaíno, who believes that "the hospitality sector and nightlife are not to blame for this situation and that everyone tries to fulfill their responsibilities as much as possible, but obviously there are exceptions . "

For this reason, he affirms that what is seen in the video that "they sent him", of this Thursday night, should have been avoided. "Even so, I do not blame the person responsible, but the administration, for not putting personal means (Local Police / Civil Guard) to prevent this from happening. Without a doubt, we must all act with personal responsibility but when it fails, the responsibility lies with the administration. , which must put the necessary means so that these situations do not happen again, "warns the mayor.

In this regard, he questions that "after two years of the PSOE government, our Police is at a minimum, after two years of labour conflict."