People and Restaurants in Teguise Denounced


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The Local Police have reinforced its actions to stop the increase in Covid infections.

The Local Police of Teguise have reinforced its actions now the new protocols have been defined to stop the transmission of Covid-19 on Lanzarote. In the municipal area, security agents have proceeded to denounce several people for not wearing a mask in public spaces, catering establishments for non-compliance with established regulations, as well as groups that did not comply with the distances or measures imposed by the Government of the Canary Islands in order to stop the increase in infections registered in recent days.

The person in charge of the area, Miguel Ángel Jiménez, assures that "The Local Police, receive notices from other citizens, it is also appearing in private spaces that are not complying with the recommendations not to convene meetings of more than 10 people and the norm of being protected with masks and keeping distances is not always respected, with the danger of transmission”.

"In Teguise we try to fulfill our obligation as guarantors of the law by reinforcing vigilance over the use of masks in public places and intensifying police controls," said the mayor of Teguise, Oswaldo Betancort, who has appealed " to individual responsibility and public awareness so that Lanzarote can improve the contagion figures very soon and once again enjoy levels that provide security for residents and tourists ”

The total number of active cases of coronavirus on Lanzarote is 174 - 23rd August 2020.