Phase 2 - The Green Light On Monday

Canary Islands

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After La Graciosa, La Gomera and El Hierro achieved it, the rest of the islands will advance next Monday

Use of Generalised Mask

Obligation to use masks in all closed spaces and where the distance of 2 meters cannot be maintained. (Shopping centers, commerce ...). The central government announced that the use of this protection will be mandatory on the street if there is not enough distance.

Cultural Activities with Half Capacity

In closed spaces, 50% capacity (the central government speaks of 30% for phase 2): museums, cultural centres, theatres, cinemas, etc. In open spaces, a maximum capacity of 500 people , with the audience seated and always guaranteeing distances and other security measures. Cultural activities will begin to be scheduled from June 1st.

Restaurants with 50% of their capacity

50% capacity in hotels and restaurants in the interior, and on terraces with a guarantee of 2 metres distance between tables or group of tables. Service always, seated.

More customers for shopping malls

50% gauging in commerce and shopping centers, with a recommendation to use a mask.

Hiking with friends and family

Active and nature tourism, (hiking) opening without obligation to use an intermediary company. The Canarian government defends that you can go out into the country with friends and family.

Doubts with home meetings

Some communities have asked the central government to clarify how many people can meet in private homes and private spaces once the community can move to phase 2 on Monday. The last BOE does not explicitly clarify this issue.

Limited use of classrooms

Opening of the educational centers as of May 25th, of face-to-face educational activity of the students of 4th of ESO; first and second of Bachillerato and students of 1st and 2nd Vocational Training of all grades.

Residence Centres

Allow visits to people residing in socio-health centres. Recommendation to guarantee at least one visit per person per day , but assessing the situation, prioritizing the needs of each person and the safety of all residents in the centres.

Opening of examination rooms

Fairgrounds and the like, opening for exams and entrance tests with social distancing.

Academies and private centres

Private education, language schools, other similar training. Possibility of returning to activity with limited capacity in classrooms , social distancing and hygiene measures in centres and classrooms.

Total Cases on The Canary Islands: 20:00 22/05/20

Confirmed: 2,318

Deaths: 156

Recoveries: 1,716