Playa Blanca Beach Reopens


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The beach of the town of Playa Blanca is once again open to bathing, after spending three days closed due to possible contamination that affected three people .

Finally, all the analyzes carried out have been negative. This Tuesday the presence of potentially harmful microalgae and also of E. Colli was already ruled out, and a final report was awaited, which arrived this Wednesday. The result, in this case on the presence of Enterococcus-type bacteria, has also been negative.

Thus, given the "scientific evidence that there is no danger to health", the Yaiza City Council has once again raised the green flag on the beach in the town of Playa Blanca.

As for the skin rashes that the three people suffered last Sunday, two swimmers and a lifeguard, Public Health does not know at the moment what caused this pathology to those affected.