Playa Blanca Now Enjoys Two More Kilometers of Bike Lane


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The City Council has completed the second phase of the project, of 1.2 kilometres, and also illuminated the first section, of 800 meters.

Yaiza City Council has completed the works on the second phase of the bike lane project, 1.2 kilometers long, and lighting the 800 meters of the first phase, completing a new two kilometre circuit. "It will connect with the Atlantic Park bike lane layout, under construction, to promote healthy recreation and leisure for neighbours and our commitment to mobility in non-polluting vehicles", said the mayor, Óscar Noda.

The second section of bike lane continues the one built parallel to the LZ 701 highway, which now extends to the rear of the gas station located at the entrance to Playa Blanca, continues to the Guaguas Station and from there it continues along Avenida to the vicinity of the port.

The Yaiza Councilor for Public Works, Jonatan Lemes, details that "the second phase of the project involved an investment of 124,000 euros, money that the City Council obtained by an agreement with the Ministry of Tourism of Spain."