Ryanair Will Stop Flying From March 25th

Canary Islands

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Ryanair, which is the main passenger airline in Spain and which transported 154 million people in Europe last year, has announced that from 0:00 on March 25th it will stop flying as a result of the coronavirus.

There will only be one exception: "A small number [of flights] intended to maintain essential connectivity, especially between the United Kingdom and Ireland," the company has detailed in a statement.

Before that time comes, and from next midnight, the group led by Michael O'Leary will cut "more than 80%" their flight schedules.

"The spread of the Covid-19 virus has led most EU governments to impose severe travel bans and restrictions, which have negatively impacted the programming of all the group's airlines," he justified. the Irish company.

The airlines are preparing for the practical suspension of all their activity in Europe, except for operations that are essential for health, supply or forced mobility reasons.

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