San Bartolomé To Establish Parking for Motorhomes


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The San Bartolomé City Council has approved the authorization for the implantation of a motorhome reception area in Playa Honda. In this way, the municipality becomes a pioneer on the island of Lanzarote in taking this type of measure.

Through the implementation of this measure, the City Council intends to regulate and develop the orderly use of this activity in the municipality, allowing motorhomes to park and stay overnight.

The designation of this space is part of the process initiated for the reconversion of Playa Honda and will be integrated into the future Urban Park of the town. It will have a capacity for eight vehicles that will be able to spend the night for 72 hours in the place. However, as clarified from the City Council, the measure will allow the parking of motorhomes, but will not authorise the placement of awnings or tent huts, or any other type of element that protrudes from the perimeter of the vehicle.

The reservation of a place in the area authorised by the City Council will be carried out through a mobile application. In this way, the process will be easier for the user.