Scammers Beware in Lanzarote!


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The Provincial Court has ratified a two-year prison sentence from the Criminal Court number 3 of Arrecife that gave a defendant of committing fraud after charging 4,000 euros to carry out works in a house in Arrecife that was not carried out.


The defendant accepted in March 2017 a quoted order for €8,950 which the defendant gave, from a customer to carry out works in a house in the capital "without having any intention of carrying out the work.

The victim paid the defendant 4,000 euros in cash "as an advance payment." Although "the works were not carried out" and the defendant "never" returned the money delivered, despite multiple requests.

The Criminal Court number 3 of Arrecife, sentenced him to prison and also to compensate the victim in the amount of 4,000 euros.