Several Associations Threaten to Take Criminal Action if the Isla de Los Volcanes Rally is Authorized


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The Alcogida Environmental Coordinator, made up of various associations and groups in Lanzarote, has warned against going to court if the Isla de Los Volcanes Rally is finally authorized , scheduled for the first days of December. This was announced at a press conference and also in a letter addressed to the Cabildo, in which they address "all those concerned in this file", noting that they could even take criminal action against them.

In that letter, they recall that the rally had to be suspended last April "based on two unfavorable reports from the Canary Islands Government's Biodiversity Service and reports from the Island Plan Office", and underline that "they have not varied neither the environmental nor the legal reasons that motivate the unfavorable reports” .

"No layout of said rally or other motor sports competitions that take place on agricultural roads, tracks on protected landscapes, dirt tracks in natural spaces or on any category of rustic land should be authorized," they point out in their letter, in which They remind us of the different regulations that regulate these spaces, which are home to protected and even endangered birds.

Press Conference Alcogida Environmental Coordinator

In addition, they charge against the government group of the Cabildo, formed by the PSOE and Podemos. “Discourse and facts must be consistent. The members of the government group continually resort to setting themselves up as champions of the defense of the territory, describing it as limited and extremely fragile, they develop an elaborate discourse on respecting and valuing the legacy of César Manrique to, then, be willing to any outrage over the scarce and fragile territory and against the natural values that make Lanzarote a unique island”, they criticize.

"An Appeal to Reason"

For this reason, they make an "appeal to common sense" and request that the Cabildo "prevent the organization of this activity and any others that could seriously and irreversibly damage the landscape of Lanzarote, as well as the habitats of both botanical and zoological species that are protected and /or vulnerable or in danger of extinction”.

They also expressly address the new Minister of the Environment for Podemos, Nicolás Saavedra, noting that "it is the responsibility of the Ministry that now directs to rule on the uses in the territory that may affect the disturbance of the conditions in which biodevirity must develop. and the natural and environmental values on the island of Lanzarote”.

In this regard, they point out that "the area of Classified Activities", from where they believe that the rally could be authorized, "does not have any competence to authorize specific ordinary uses on rustic land."

To this they add that "it is the responsibility of the Biodiversity Service of the Government of the Canary Islands to report on the effects it may have on vulnerable and endangered protected species", and recall that "these reports are mandatory and binding".

Finally, they also question the "shady example of lack of transparency" they are facing, since Ecologistas en Acción requested the documentation of this file and was denied in a letter signed by the head of the Classified Activities service.