So Boris Johnson was cycling seven miles from Downing Street? It's not far enough | Marina Hyde


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Given his dismal blame-shifting record on the pandemic, the further away he is from the seat of power, the better

Lockdown day number what-does-it-even-matter-any-more, and what’s the general picture? The police are coming under criticism for acting overzealously in enforcing the coronavirus restrictions – but I urge people to embrace the proactivity and harness it creatively. If you’re a woman being stalked, why not tell the cops you’ve seen the guy having a cup of coffee on a moor? It could finally spark their interest.

Meanwhile, some people are exasperated that Boris Johnson was seen seven miles away from Downing Street on Sunday – and I agree. It’s much too close. Ideally, I would like him to be one ocean, two deserts and seven miles (of solid lead) away from any seat of power.

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Marina Hyde is a Guardian columnist

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