Social Security Contracts Check and Over Half Have Irregularities

Canary Islands

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The most recent inspection only lasted six weeks and ran from November 4th to December 15th 2019, the middle of the Christmas period.

The group of officials who were deployed made 1,320 visits - 60 more than contemplated in the inspection - of which almost 40% were made, either at night or on public holidays.

This resulted in 3,539 actions in which they reviewed 7,240 "previously selected" contracts. Of these, 41.4% contained "irregularities". The inspection adds the "182 cases in which the workers had no contract so the efficiency has been very high, almost 43%," he says.

Consequently, "in 4 out of 10 contracts irregularities have been detected and corrected, either because of having a temporary contract when it should have been indefinite, or because of working more hours than those recognised in the part-time contract."

The result of all this has been that 475 jobs have been able to emerge, of which 182 - 38.31% - were developed in the black economy, given that the identified persons had not signed any contract.

In the end the Social Security collected 161,833.92 liquid euros, the inspection resulted in 3,183 people "benefiting from the implementation in the Canary Islands of the reinforcement plan of the Labour and Social Security Inspection of 2019".