Spain Promotes the Canary Islands as the Only Safe Destination

Canary Islands

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The 'Back to the Canary Islands, Back to Spain' campaign aims to attract European tourists who do not want to wait for 2021

Spain is going to promote the Canary Islands this week in five countries as "the only safe destination" for European tourists this winter, in "a difficult time" in which other areas are experiencing difficulties due to the pandemic, the Minister of Tourism has announced , Reyes Maroto.

"The Canary Islands is a safe destination and is ready to receive tourists" thanks to its good epidemiological indicators, said the minister, referring to the situation that the islands currently enjoy, with an incidence rate of covid 82 cases per 100,000 inhabitants , which contrasts with 443 in the United Kingdom, 268 in Germany, 908 in France or 350 in Sweden.

With the intention of reactivating the tourist activity of the archipelago, Turespaña launches the promotion "Back to the Canary Islands, Back to Spain", which aims to boost the demand for trips to the islands this winter season in the main issuing markets. indicated its general director, Miguel Sanz Castedo.

Due to the coronavirus, other competing tourist destinations such as those in the Caribbean and Southeast Asia are closed and the Canary Islands want to attract those visitors who wish to travel to a safe place, Sanz Castedo stressed during the presentation of the campaign.

This international promotion of the Canary Islands will take place in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden, Ireland and expects to reach 6.3 million people, mainly through social networks, although it will also be disseminated on digital media and video platforms.

The campaign is carried out in coordination with the Government of the Canary Islands, has a budget of 500,000 euros during 2020, extendable to 2021 depending on how it develops and the evolution of the pandemic, and will last for six weeks.

Four blocks

The initiative is divided into four promotional blocks: sun and beach, relaxation, sun and beach, sport, nature and lifestyle.

"The Canary Islands is a recognized brand in the international market and offers a safe situation", so it seeks to remind tourists that they can travel to the archipelago and "save the winter tourist season", said the general director of Turespaña.

Sanz Castedo has recognized that "the intention to travel at this time is not high" as a result of the coronavirus and that travel reservations are made at the last minute due to mobility restrictions; However, he also recalled that when the United Kingdom and Germany removed the Canary Islands from their list of destinations with risk of contagion, the demand for travel multiplied.

For this reason, he added, they want to prepare the ground for the moment when the pandemic improves in European countries and large historical emitters of tourists, such as the United Kingdom, lift the restrictions on travel that they now maintain.

The minister has insisted on the State's commitment to the Canarian tourism sector, as shown, for example, by the 5.5 million euros recently approved for the La Palma Biosphere Plan and the World Heritage and Biosphere Reserve Plan of Gran Canaria.

Likewise, a few weeks ago a protocol was approved to establish tourist corridors with the main countries that send tourists to the islands and various initiatives to boost the tourism sector were included in the General State Budgets for 2021.

These include 100 million euros for the Canary Islands in the next three years and 3,400 million for the whole of Spain destined to the tourism sector, to which will be added other funds from the Ministries of Transport and Ecological Transition, in order to achieve «a tourism model more resilient and with more value ”.