Still It Goes On!


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The Teguise PSOE has demanded that Oswaldo Betancort and his government "face once and for all the social and urban problem caused by the unfinished building works of Costa Teguise, after learning that it intends to justify the non-execution of a sentence" alleging that "it lacks, after 11 years in the municipal government, the judicial file ".

The case affects plot 214, where the so-called Club del Rey complex was illegally authorized. "In addition to representing the worst years of urban indiscipline in Teguise, it has become a social problem, housing dozens of people who live in unworthy conditions in unfinished buildings lacking basic services, in a municipality that, moreover, does not have permission for the construction of public housing to the Government of the Canary Islands", question the socialists.

The judgment of the Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the Court of Justice of the Canary Islands, dated October 31, 2005, declared the illegality of the building permit, which, however, has not been executed, which has motivated the jurisdictional body contact the Teguise Town Hall to identify the authority, agent or official in charge of complying with the judicial resolution.

For the Socialists, "the response of the government of Oswaldo Betancort to the request of Justice exceeds what has been seen so far , since they resort to the fact that they do not have any document on a procedure that affects one of the main and eternal problems of Costa Teguise, more even though he has been in charge of the City Council for 11 years, it is unjustifiable," says Marcos Bergaz, spokesman for the PSOE.

"As the main opposition party, we have demanded that the municipal government abandon the excuses and take this problem seriously," Bergaz points out. "Hence, the requests to appear with the mayor, the public complaints and the disclosure of of Justice to Oswaldo Betancort for his passivity in the execution of the sentences that affect the 'skeletons' of illegal hotels ", points out the socialist spokesman. "However, every day they surprise us more... for the worse", stresses Bergaz.

"If after 11 years in government, they haven't even located the file, if no one blushes when answering the Justice that they just asked the lawyer who handled the lawsuit for all the documentation, we have a very serious problem with the government. of the Canarian Coalition in Teguise",

From the PSOE they demand that Oswaldo Betancort "at once deal with the problem of the buildings, without vain excuses, since we are dealing with structures that have become a social and urban problem, as is the case with plot 214, in addition to the bad image they cause and the loss of competitiveness in the main tourist and residential area of the municipality".