Streaming: where to find Judy Garland films online


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Renée Zellweger may excel as the Hollywood icon, but Garland’s own electric screen presence, in classics and curios alike, remains a thing of wonder

Is every October at the cinema going to turn up a new reason to reflect on the genius of Judy Garland? I shan’t complain if so. A year after Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born remake prompted our revisit to George Cukor’s unimprovable 1954 Garland-starring version, a new biopic puts the embattled icon back in the spotlight. Renée Zellweger delivers a gutsy, all-in tour de force in Judy – but if you want to remember the star through her own performances, the streaming realm turns up a variety of options, some more obvious than others.

The cast-iron classics are easy enough to find: in addition to A Star Is Born, the likes of The Wizard of Oz (if you’ve somehow made it to reading age without seeing it) and Meet Me in St Louis (if your Christmas spirit begins at the first flicker of autumn) are readily available on Amazon, iTunes and so on. (Though not Netflix, which remains something of a Garland-free zone, its search engine offering Christina Aguilera in Burlesque as an alternative. Not quite, guys.)

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