Study of Wastewater Detects a High Presence of Covid-19 in Areas of Lanzarote


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The early detection system for Coronavirus Sars-Cov-2 promoted by the Cabildo to detect the presence of the virus in the island's wastewater has already yielded the first results, which have led the Corporation to request that the measures of caution.

"The report states that there are areas on the island that have high virus remains, so it is necessary for the population to increase control measures against Covid-19 in those areas," they say in a statement, in which at the moment they do not specify which are the most affected.

They will announce soon the results of the first analyzes carried out, as well as the actions to be carried out and will be presented at a press conference. However, for the moment they anticipate that the Cabildo has already called for "new neighborhood test actions in those areas", and asks "the general population not to decline in the fight against the Coronavirus."

From the Corporation they remember that although the global data of the island "are positive", they decided to hire this study to be able to "act in advance in the event of a possible uncontrolled regrowth, locating the most complicated areas."

In this sense, the main claim that he makes to the public is that "extreme measures of social distancing, hand washing and masks, and that they avoid unnecessary meetings, especially in closed places".

Likewise, they insist that this Early Warning service "will continue to monitor Covid-19 in Lanzarote, allowing us to anticipate the fight against this silent enemy."