Supreme Court Annuls The II Modernisation Plan of Puerto del Carmen


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The Supreme Court has definitively annulled the II Modernisation Plan of Puerto del Carmen, thus confirming the ruling issued in December 2018 by the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands. This has been announced by the Tías City Council, which states that according to its legal services, the ruling "does not affect the licenses granted and included in this document corresponding to projects already executed."

In a statement, the Consistory recalls that the Plan "was processed at the time of the previous government, led by the PP, and the first sentence that warned of its nullity was also passed during its government stage, without any being launched. For this reason, he argues that the current government team, made up of the PSOE, Lanzarote Avanza (LAVA) and Lanzarote en Pie-Sí Podemos, "began to work from day one on a third plan that provides greater legal security to all actions carried out, while incorporating fifty new additions ".

The III Plan for Modernisation, Improvement and Increase in Competitiveness for Puerto del Carmen, which remained in the public domain during last August, incorporates the content and actions of the I and II Modernization Plan and includes "major public actions, such as the establishment of a health centre and an international diving centre in the Playa Chica area ".