Teguise Defends the Reopening of the Market


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"The exquisite work of previous planning in terms of security has paid off," says the mayor, who nevertheless acknowledges that "we must improve issues of setting up stalls and approval of tents".

The Consistory states that, according to sources from Emerlan and Civil Protection, who were in charge of controlling access to the Plaza de La Mareta, a total of 2,848 people accessed the site during its opening hours (from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.) from the two enabled entrances, passing through a temperature control, as well as cleaning hands with hydroalcoholic gel, having priority of access for people over 65, and of course, with the mandatory use of a mask marked by law, in addition to distance and physical contact recommendations.

“The important thing is that the open commercial and restaurant area of the streets of the Historic Complex experienced a happier Sunday, with commercial dynamism, in a day in which both the vendors in the market itself and the rest of the establishments exceeded expectations ”, Has stated Betancort, considering that“ this has to be the line of work for a gradual reactivation of the business fabric of Teguise ”.