Teguise Will Reopen The La Villa Market on Sunday


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"It is time to combine new strategies that allow us to live with the threat of the virus without further damaging economic activity," says the mayor.

The Villa de Teguise Market will reopen its doors this Sunday, March 7, at its usual hours (from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.), and reinforcing the hygiene-sanitary security protocol launched in November, the month in which it was reactivated after the first wave of the pandemic.

With the entry level 3, "and predictably, with the next update and reduction of restrictive measures in Lanzarote and La Graciosa", the City Council has decided to re-launch one of the events that attracts the most visitors to the Historic Complex of the Villa, and that in turn, promotes business in shops, bars and restaurants.

A special Security Plan has been formed that will allow the "most popular and important" markets in the Canary Islands to reopen to the public , the subsequent cancellation in January, created bad economic consequences, which not only affect the owners of the stalls, but also the business fabric of the town of La Villa and its surroundings. "

"Now the health authorities are supporting it and given the improvement of Covid data on the island, we must work on the reactivation of the municipality, adapting social and economic life to the current situation, without losing sight of the fact that the risk exists as long as there is no collective immunity against the coronavirus ”, declared the mayor of Teguise, Oswaldo Betancort. “We are confident in the success of the planning and coordination that security technicians and emergency services are carrying out so that the Villa can breathe life again with all the guarantees needed",