Telling Gareth Bale that Johnson is PM took away banterpocalypse’s sole survivor | Marina Hyde


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The Real Madrid forward had been blissfully unaware that Boris Johnson was running the UK – but now the country has blown a prime cloning opportunity to reclaim its lost innocence

Why did they do it? What honestly possessed the newspaper journalist who discovered that Gareth Bale didn’t know the identity of the UK prime minister to tell him who it was?

If you missed this, affable Real Madrid malcontent Gareth Bale gave an interview to the Daily Telegraph this week, in which he revealed: “I don’t even know who the prime minister is any more. I haven’t got a clue.” It was at this point that the interviewer informed him that it was Boris Johnson. BUT WHY, THOUGH? Why was Gareth Bale’s immaculateness taken from him? We had found him – the last pure Briton. He currently lives in Spain, but these are minor details.

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Johnson could be the shortest-serving PM in 100 years. Bale could have remained ignorant of his tenure in its entirety

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