The Bluesea Hotel in Puerto del Carmen Goes on Sale


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The Bluesea hotel complex, located on Calle Anzuelo in Puerto del Carmen, has gone on sale. The announcement was made by the company IAG Auction Group, specialized in conducting auctions and managing the sale of bankruptcy assets, by decision of the bankruptcy administration of Yaiza Canarias SL. The owner company has been in bankruptcy for years.

The Bluesea is a 4-star hotel with 113 rooms and 226 beds with a bar-restaurant, supermarket, meeting rooms and different leisure and service areas. At present, it is exploited through a lease contract.

It has a total area of 4,303 square meters and 16 commercial and other premises. The building was initially built in 1998 and in 2006 a total reform was carried out to improve its habitability conditions consisting of the replacement, restoration or modernization of its different construction elements and water installations, facade, plumbing, sanitation, electrical installation, interior patio and hallway.