The Camels Are Back Walking Around Timanfaya


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Uga's camel drivers recover activity in the Montaña del Fuego, with extensive health security measures

As was the case with almost almost all businesses directly related to tourism, during a good part of March, as well as in April, May and June, the activity of camel tours in the Timanfaya National Park was completely stopped. Without visitors, Uga's camel drivers, united through 27 business activities and with more than 350 camels in their business, were forced to manage and take care of the animals; with the hope that the day would come when we could recover the famous walks next to The Fire Mountains.

July 1st was just that long-awaited date, although with very modest numbers, since on that day, as well as in the days immediately following, the camel drivers had to settle for carrying only 14 people for the enjoyment of visitors. The daily number of camels has doubled this week, largely thanks to the fact that some services are already being provided to operators who organize tourist excursions. And there are intentions to raise the level of 28 camels per date in the very short term, according to Chalo Viñoly, spokesman for the group. Of course, knowing that even in the most intense dates of this summer it will be far from the usual numbers.

The camel trail has a capacity of 180 people at a time. It is true that it is not always fully occupied, but just as true is that on many dates, even in the first months of this year, each day there were 130 animals to walk and enjoy the beautiful landscape of Timanfaya.

It should be noted that this unique offer in Las Montañas del Fuego, is similar to the one that already existed in 1956, has maximum sanitary guarantees. To access any of the walks, a single point of entry has been established, leaving the exit area more than a dozen metres, to maintain distances between users. As for the personnel, one caregiver for every 7 camels, among others, works with masks and makes generous use of hydroalcoholic gel, which is also offered in equal proportion to clients. There are also separation measures in the area dedicated to the parking of cars and buses.