The Canary Islands Pilot Plan Offer Seen as Unsafe

Canary Islands

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The central government has authorised the Balearic Government to carry out a pilot tourism plan with travelers from Germany starting next Monday. The plan, also offered to the Canary Islands, involves bringing to the Islands, through what the Ministry calls 'safe corridors', 2% of the tourists who arrived in the Islands in the last fortnight of June last year - in the case of the Canary Islands 9,300, with the aim of testing security levels in the industry for its reopening on July 1st with the start of the summer season.

The Balearic president herself, Francina Armengol, pressed President Pedro Sánchez on Sunday, to authorise the plan, coordinated with tour operators and hoteliers; In the Canary Islands, the security criteria established by the Ministry are considered "insufficient" to guarantee that there are no cases of imported infections that end up destroying all the effort that the sector is making and damaging the image of the destination.

There are no guarantees of a solid reopening without carrying out a PCR test on tourists, insists the Canarian councilor Yaiza Castilla and she informed the Secretary of State, Isabel Oliver, through a letter dated last Thursday in which he does not deny that the Archipelago participates in the plan, but where he does doubt that a telephone and random follow-up of visitors serves the intended purpose.

"We consider," says the letter, "that the established security measures consisting of establishing a health questionnaire system and tracking tourists at destination through telephone calls to corroborate the state of these visitors, are insufficient to guarantee that there are no cases of infected people and the consequent rebound effect on the resident population and on the personnel of the sector with which they come into contact; tragic consequences to which a bad image of the destination would be added that could put the rest of the season at risk. "

In the text Castilla also warns that the "sample" on which the experience will be carried out is so brief that in no way will it be sufficient to test its effectiveness in health security in a situation of the real reopening of the destination.

"In order to ensure a solid opening and with guarantees of our destinations, we insist on the need to carry out this pilot project under greater security requirements," insists Yaiza Castilla.

"I hope you know how to understand our need for prevention and prudence and I remain at your entire disposal to carry out the pilot project under these commented security conditions," he told Oliver, demanding a response that neither the weekend nor yesterday reached Canary Islands.

In the Balearic Islands, with its high and unique season on the doorstep, this plan is drawn as essential if they want to save the economy, they argue that the test will serve to show a good health situation to European tourist markets.

It is done in coordination with Germany because the epidemiological situation with the Islands is similar. Thus, tourists participating in this experience will not have to pass the 14-day quarantine that is now imposed on other international travellers.

Total Cases on The Canary Islands: 20:00 08/06/20

Confirmed: 2,377

Deaths: 161

Recoveries: 2,090