The Civil Guard Confirms Denouncing Iberia for the Flight to Gran Canaria

Canary Islands

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The company has already been denounced for breaching the safety distance between passengers on another flight to the Balearic Islands.

The Civil Guard has denounced Iberia for the flight between Madrid and Gran Canaria this Sunday, understanding that it failed to comply with the provisions of the decree of the state of alarm that regulates the distance between passengers. As confirmed by the Benemérita to Europa Press, the complaint was processed after the proceedings opened by the Civil Guard.In addition, in April the same had happened with two other flights, one of them also from Iberia and the other from Air Europa, both bound for the Balearic Islands. In those two cases, it was also the passenger complaints that motivated the intervention of the Civil Guard.

For its part, Iberia in defence said that it launched "all the necessary and required initiatives to protect customers and employees on the aforementioned flight, following the recommendations of regulatory bodies and the industry." In this regard, it should be remembered that in inter-island flights it has been established that they can only operate at 50% of their capacity, but in the connections with the Peninsula, the occupation has not been detailed.

In this regard, Iberia maintain that "the crews on board seek the greatest possible separation between passengers, within the limitations of the aircraft." In addition, they refer to what has been raised by "the airline industry, with IATA in the lead, as well as the manufacturer Airbus", stating that "they have recently expressed that the blocking of the central seat is a measure that is not necessary to provide greater security, because the plane offers specific characteristics that make the risk of contagion low. "

However, the Civil Guard understands that Iberia failed to comply with the provisions of the decree and the same considers the consumer association Facua, which has also filed a complaint for these events.