The Days The Rain Came to Lanzarote


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Although Lanzarote did not have any weather warning activated for rains on Monday, the island has suffered a waterspout during noon that has left greater consequences than those registered in previous days.

In Arrecife, several streets have been flooded again, forcing the firefighters of the Security and Emergencies Consortium to intervene again, who had already had to act during the early morning in various parts of the capital. In addition, members of Emerlan and Civil Protection have also joined the task to deal with the numerous incidents in homes and businesses.

Along with the capital, areas such as Costa Teguise have also suffered significant accumulations of water, where the electricity supply has also been affected, leaving several neighbours without electricity for more than half an hour. However, the Teguise City Council indicates that the cut was due to a fault not related to the storm.

The water has also overflowed ravines on the island and in particular that of this tourist town, where the water fell sharply after the recorded rain.

As for the roads, the one to the north, the LZ-1, where traffic has been temporarily diverted in one of its sections, near Tahíche, until the water accumulated on this road is eliminated.