The Demolition of Another Illegal Building in Costa Teguise - 15 years later!


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An illegal building has begun to be demolished this Friday in Costa Teguise. It is located on plot 242B of the tourist town, located in the part of the town closest to Los Ancones.

As a result of this news, the PSOE of Teguise, which has always been in favor of destroying these illegal buildings , has shown its satisfaction. "The machines have begun to restore legality by throwing part of its structure to the ground, after more than a decade since Justice decreed the illegality of the license that allowed the works," says Marcos Bergaz, PSOE spokesperson.

The Socialist Group in the municipality already reported in the previous mandate that a demolition project should be commissioned in the area. This meant that the then mayor of Teguise Oswaldo Betancort faced judicial warnings with fines for not executing the 2007 ruling, which declared the nullity of the construction license granted by the City Council itself.

"This week, 15 years later, its demolition finally begins, with some preliminary work consisting of demolishing some spaces of the illegal building used as 'substandard housing' by different people, to proceed in the coming months - as the PSOE has learned - to proceed to the fencing of the plot and the demolition of the main structure of the illegal building ," says the socialist leader.

"Costa Teguise has suffered from this bad image for too many years, but it has also suffered from this example of illegality, which has motivated constant public complaints of the PSOE in the face of the inaction and passivity shown by the City Council governed for 14 years by the Canarian Coalition," says Bergaz

The previous president, María Dolores Corujo said, the execution of the sentence, today is a good day for the restoration of legality and for those who fought to overcome the passivity shown by those who should have executed the sentence a long time ago," he maintains.

Finally, the socialist group hopes that the entire illegal building will be knocked down within the indicated deadlines , because “as the majority party in the municipality and in accordance with our firm and constructive opposition, we will support all initiatives aimed at ending the illegal buildings that still exist in the town of Costa Teguise".