The French Tourist Who Painted the Old House in Lanzarote Returns it to its Original State


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The French tourist who painted the old house in Lanzarote has returned it to its original state . This was made known by the president of the Lanzarote Council, Oswaldo Betancort, through his official Instagram account and the artist herself through the same network.

Betancort met this past Monday with the author of the mural at the Cabildo headquarters, after a wave of criticism on social networks. Furthermore, he was opposed to this type of artistic manifestations on the island's architectural heritage.

"The important thing is to rectify and reach a meeting place between different points of view," indicated the island president when learning about the restoration of the façade.

“Art does have a place on our island, but integrating and respecting the island's heritage and culture,” Oswaldo Betancort had stated when he rejected the facts and called on the artist Vanessa Alice to restore the façade of this ruined house from the 18th century. and located in the Mirador de Los Valles , as it was before the mural.

Along these lines, Betancort has taken the opportunity to "denounce all the hateful comments that have been made towards the artist. Not everything goes and education must always prevail . We must denounce what is not correct but without crossing limits," he concluded.

Meanwhile, Vanessa Alice has apologized again to the population and added that "I didn't know" and that if I had known, "I would have chosen another wall.

"I painted with all good intentions, integrating the painting into the rural environment, using colors already existing in the house, creating a poetic and harmonious dialogue between past and present," he continued defending.

Along these lines, he added that in the 30 years he has been painting murals , "legal or not" in the world, they have become "the heritage of the place, a tourist attraction and survive for years, decades."

To conclude, he highlighted that the situation "gives him more desire to paint in places where people know, enjoy and value it."


The tourist next to the graffiti in Lanzarote (Via Instagram)
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The tourist next to the mural in Lanzarote (Via Instagram)
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