The Lanzarote 2018 Year Book Published with Population Figures


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The Government Data Centre has released the Statistical Yearbook for 2018, which collects the most relevant information of the main socio-economic indicators.

The island, which has an area of 846 square kilometers , has a population of 149,183 inhabitants in 2018, of which 41% resided in the municipality of Arrecife. 22% of the residents in Lanzarote were of foreign nationality, mainly British, Moroccan, Italian, Colombian and German. In addition to the residents, the average tourist population was 55,011, with the total number of people on the island exceeding 204,000.

The most significant data of land transport, according to the institution, were the five million travelers who were counted on the urban public buses, on an island that has more than 129,000 vehicles.

The Statistical Yearbook of Lanzarote 2018 is only available in digital version and can be consulted and expanded on the website of the Data Center of the Cabildo de Lanzarote, whose address is